No design project is done until there are accessories that accentuate the style that is being expressed in the room. Some accessories blend into a design, while others shout out for attention. All accessories should say something about the person displaying them, as well as interact with the space around them. Do they speak to your interests? Or to the statement about the space and the other furnishings? Some accessories, such as vases, are functional and find an easy home in even a minimalist setting, while others are pure objet d’art, such as the Antique Cart Wheel on Stand, and speak to the owner's taste in art and culture, and find a home in any setting as long as they don’t clash with the overall theme.

Renovation Room knows that you will know the perfect accessories for your space you want when you see it, and that’s why we carry a wide variety of objects. A traditional style home can accommodate modern home accessories such as a modern lamp next to a traditional chest. And the perfect handwoven rug can be a strong foundation for any style room. The right set, or mix, of pillows, such as the Bloom Pillow, can turn a couch into a piece that adds cohesion to an entire space.

Renovation Room also carries a number of contemporary mirrors to add character to a room. The placement of accessories are as important as their design and a mirror gives you the opportunity to highlight a view, a space or the light at a given time of the day. You get to play with design light and space, which will delight amateur and professional designers alike.

Our modern home accessories are perfect for home stagings in Miami, Florida, where we help clients sell their houses fast, and at a great price! Whatever your needs for your Miami home, from contemporary mirrors to, to modern vases, to minimalist works of art, Renovation Room has you covered. Check out some of our quality and stylish accessories below.