Renovation Room is for clients and designers who know what they want. We know that when you have a vision for a space, you will be looking for a special piece that grabs you, the kind of piece that you will know when you see it. We have some amazing, unique pieces that we know will grab you. We have modern bedroom furniture sets in Miami that work perfectly with a modern design, contemporary design, or transitional design. Our modern bed sets in Miami will make your bedroom the envy of the neighborhood.

When you are designing your bedroom in a specific style, there are certain design elements you really must include. A minimalist style will require you to work to accentuate the architecture of the bedroom, and would be perfect for the Eros Bed. Does the bedroom set show off the design of the room and have the functionality that you need for your life? A transitional style choice will include pieces from other style schools to mesh, and is just the right way to include pieces that give you comfort, either physically or aesthetically, and yet maintain a graceful line of design. A contemporary style choice will include pieces with lines that add grace, and that use the space to their advantage. No matter what your needs for Miami modern bed sets are, Renovation is sure to have a style that will wow.

Renovation Room has the elemental pieces that will complete your style's vision, whether it is a contemporary nightstand or a contemporary bed set that won’t steal the thunder from your architectural dream of a bedroom. A refined simplicity doesn't just happen, it takes a trained eye and a talent for bringing together elements that combine for a functional, simple elegance. Renovation Room can help make your vision a reality.

Also, if you're looking through home staging companies in Miami, we offer top of the line staging services as well.