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Fine Home Accessories

Some accessories are just made to be given as indulgent gifts. A perfect example is the Assouline Jewelry Book. This limited edition hand-bound book is the perfect gift for anyone who love the art and artistry that goes into iconic jewelry. This collection is curated by noted fine jewelry historian Vivienne Becker and contains full [...]

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Mixing Styles with a Dash of Accessory

When you are trying to blend a new style into the existing decor of your home, or are designing from scratch and want an eclectic look for a space, accessories are an easy way to accomplish your goal. Take, for instance, the Mini Squash Vase - Short is a fabulous way to bring a bit [...]

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Enjoying the Good LIfe

In our last blog, we swerved into the philosophical tenets of Epicureanism. We learned that while Epicureanism is rooted in a life affirming appreciation of the pleasures of the flesh, it is made strong by the underlying ethos of moderation. One of the fundamental concepts of Epicurean is that we should not be perpetually busy. [...]

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