Source Of Inspiration

Jun 23rd 2016

Renovation Room is known for being both a source of inspiration for interior design and the place where you can get the elements that will bring your vision to fruition. We offer household furnishings, including furniture for both indoors and outdoors, accessories, and lighting fixtures and freestanding floor lamps. All of the fine, high-quality products we offer are designed to play an essential part in your design schema. We cater specifically to people creating modern, minimalist, or transitional designed homes. We’ll spend some time in this blog series introducing you to these three schools of design.

Modern Design

Modern Design is often confused with Contemporary Design, and while there is some overlap and elements can be used to complement each other, we’ll take a purist stance, just for the moment. Modern Interior Design has its roots in the Modern Art movement, which can be said to have begun with the abstractions utilized by the Impressionists. Examples of this can be seen in the works of Gauguin’s Tahitian works and in “Turner’s, Rain, Steam and Speed”. When the concepts and aesthetics of Modern Art are used in interior design, they translate into clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and the use of geometry in many elements of the design, from the architecture to the accessories and lighting. An essential aspect of Modern design is that from should follow function. Form is important, but a piece must be functional above all. This translates into a lack of overt, flowery decor, as one saw in Victorian homes.

Renovation Room is your source for the unique pieces that can both inspire your design and add a finishing touch to a room. We also offer turnkey design services so you can move into your new home that is designed and ready to live in.