The Elements of Design- Lighting & Pattern

Jun 21st 2016


Of course, without proper lighting, we can’t see the furniture, accessories or each other, but if you have the wrong lighting, the entire effect of an amazing piece can be lost to reflection or shadow. The interplay of electric lighting and natural lighting must also be taken into account in any minimalist, modern or transitional design schema. There are three types of lighting in a home: task lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting.

Renovation Room has a wide selection of lighting options. We carry sconces, chandeliers and pendants, floor lamps and table lamps and all chosen by us to help you add the perfect element that will boost your minimalist, modern or transitional statement. The Idea Ceiling Light, is the shape of a incandescent light bulb and hangs as a pendulum. It’s chrome facade and bulb shape will add a touch of whimsy to any design.


Patterns can be bold or subtle, and can add or detract from the over effect that you are going for in your interior design. For a perfect example of pattern, we turn to the Deco Wall Mirror. This triptych of mirrors has an art deco pattern that can act as a focal point in a room or an interesting accent to virtually any space in the home.

When you need that perfect piece to illuminate your space and to bring a special touch to your design, turn to Renovation Room. Plan a visit to our showroom soon and meet our designers.