The Elements of Design- Line & Space

Jun 14th 2016


A modern home interior, especially of a certain stature, requires an interior design that conforms to, and accentuates, the design of the architect. The entirety of the home should unify into a composition that works together to manifest the vision of all the parties involved: the architect, the interior designer, and, of course, the homeowner. 

The Elements of Design

The elements of interior design are usually listed as space, line, forms, light, color texture, pattern. In this blog series, we’ll discuss these elements and illustrate how select pieces from Renovation Room embody these elements.

Line and Space

The element of line is much the same in interior design as with other mediums. The qualities of the line communicate to the viewer. Is the line thick or thin? Is it jagged or smooth? Aesthetic choices tell the viewer about the piece. Space is the element that both expands to the entity of the room and home, and is confined to the piece in consideration. The Bar Coffee Table is the perfect illustration of both line and space The vertical lines create a striped effect but throw the eye a curve ball when they stop to create an open space under the table. The inner space connects with the space of the room in a playful way. There is also interplay between the vertical support lines and the horizontal, curved frame lines; they come together in balance and perfection.