Source Of Inspiration

Jun 23rd 2016

Renovation Room is known for being both a source of inspiration for interior design and the place where you can get the elements that will bring your vision to fruition. We offer household furni … read more

The Elements of Design- Lighting & Pattern

Jun 21st 2016

Lighting Of course, without proper lighting, we can’t see the furniture, accessories or each other, but if you have the wrong lighting, the entire effect of an amazing piece can be lost to reflec … read more

The Elements of Design- Line & Space

Jun 14th 2016

Line A modern home interior, especially of a certain stature, requires an interior design that conforms to, and accentuates, the design of the architect. The entirety of the home should unify into a … read more

The Elements of Design- Color, Shape, and Texture

Jun 7th 2016

Color, Shape, and Material The Elements of Color, Shape, and TextureThe choices made when choosing color, shape, and texture of material tell us about the room, the owner, and their artistic vision. … read more

An Epicurean Defense of Minimalism

May 31st 2016

In Stephen Greenblatt’s 2012 Pulitzer Prize winning book, “The Swerve,” he discusses the modern misconception surrounding the concept of Epicureanism. When the protagonist finds an ancient manuscript, … read more