Let your dining room make a statement. Renovation Room provides both direct consumers, as well as designers, with the elements to make a dining room a unique space that says something. We carry dining room sets in modern, contemporary and transitional styles, so you can bring your vision to fruition. We have everything you need to complete the design of your home, from statement pieces for your dining room, to functional accessories: from window treatments to sheets, we can fill your home with style and grace.

A modern kitchen table, such as the Hanna Bistro Table, combined with a quirky, mid century modern Extra Long Sideboard can give your room a twist that your architecturally perfect dining room will relish in. You can choose to go space age or craftsman, depending on your choice of material and colors. Modern style depends on muted tones, and Renovation Room carries all you’ll need to create a room that has style and grace, yet is efficient and useful. Minimalist style will use the negative space around the furniture to spotlight your home’s design, and make your architect’s vision come alive.

Renovation Room carries furniture from some of the finest makes of contemporary dining sets, minimalist chairs and transitional sideboards, as well as our own designs that we are sure will speak to you, and work with your creative vision. We provide not only the furniture, but the design expertise, so if you are in need of a designer for your new Florida residence contact us; we’ll work together to make your new home a showpiece of which you can be proud of.

Whether you're making use of our home staging services or preparing your own home design, our Miami contemporary dining sets can set the tone you want for your home. We've got everything from modern kitchen tables to their accessories, and can provide all the items you'll need to turn your dining area from a room into a modern, comfortable dining experience!