Oh, lighting! What other basic element of style gives us so much to work with? We must take into account the natural lighting of a space, the function of the room and the signature style of the home or room. The choice of a lighting fixture can make or break the design intentions a homeowner of design professional may have. A Miami modern lighting fixture can set the style tone for an entire space, and when you are designing an entire home, they need to work as a cohesive whole.

Renovation Room is an interior design showroom in Miami with remarkable objects, art and furnishings. This is the place to come for people who have a mind bent toward design and know their design preferences. We know that you’ll know the perfect fixture when you see it. You’ll know when you see THE statement piece to hang above the dining room table, such as the Allen Pendant fixture for a sophisticated modern room. On the other hand, if you are looking for something for a transitional bedroom, and you need a light for reading near the bed, you might look to the Articulated Reading Light to blend in. One of our favorites is the Brandon Ceiling Lamp. This is a piece that is as lovely to look at as anything that could be illuminated by its many bulbs. It’s a contemporary statement piece to rival all others. Not all elements of design and decor can carry a room like a bold, modern lighting fixture and Renovation Room has a selection most homeowners and designers will find appealing.

Whether you've hired a home stager to set your house up for the sale, or need to create the perfect design for an important event, Renovation Room has you covered for modern lighting fixtures in Miami, Florida. Whether you're looking for modern lamps, sconces, fixtures, chandeliers, or pendants, we have something that will fit your tastes and create the perfect ambience for your style.