As a homeowner or a designer, you know what your vision is for your home. If you have just purchased a home in Florida, or worked with an architect and had one built, you’ve been steeped in design or walked through countless homes that either spoke to you or they didn’t. You know your own mind, your taste, and you know what you want. Renovation Room has a showroom of modern home furniture and accessories in Miami for you to choose from to make your vision a reality. Our Miami home staging quality furniture includes everything from contemporary sofas, to modern coffee tables, and every minimalist style of furniture in between.

When it comes to outfitting your living room, Renovation Room can offer you contemporary sofas with clean lines that also provide a comfortable fit for you and your family. You want style, durability, and comfort. You need a couch that will complement the style of the architecture, yet is comfortable to sit back in and watch golf with an unconscious ease, such as the Griffen Sectional.Whether your lifestyle includes large family gatherings or business cocktail hours, we have the pieces that can fill your living room with a modern edge that speaks to your own efficiency and style.

We work with homeowners, as well as designers, to outfit homes in Florida as well as elsewhere with a sense of design that doesn't’ just happen on its own. Our designers are studied professionals, and the choices they can help you make, or make for you, will create a living room that embodies your ethos. We can supply everything from a large wrap around sectional couch to the pillows and design elements that will compliment the space and the furnishings. Whether you're trying to sell your home, or stage it for an important event, our Miami staging furniture is perfect for creating whatever ambience you desire. Remember, if you need help staging furniture in Miami, Florida, give Renovation Room a call today!